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MJN demands separate ministry for maritime

The World Oceans Day-2022 is going to be observed in Bangladesh as elsewhere across the world on June 8 (Wednesday). The theme of the day this year is ‘Revitalization: collective action for the ocean’.

The Marine Journalists’ Network (MJN), a platform of marine and environment reporting-based journalists working in Bangladesh, has called for observing the day in the country amid elaborate programmes. The MJN has also demanded the formation of a separate ministry– The Ministry of Maritime Affairs– in Bangladesh for the development of the maritime sector and flourishing the blue economy.

President of the organisation Golam Mowla and Secretary Sajed Razu made the call and the demand through a joint statement issued on Tuesday.

It was said in the statement, the Marine Journalists’ Network thinks that while the oceans are deeply involved in human life, people are less aware of the oceans. Sea is the lung of the earth, which is essential for the survival of people and biodiversity.

Every member of the world’s population is connected to the sea, which keeps people alive. There is a need for awareness of the sea, its proper utilization and keeping the sea free from pollution. Considering these aspects, it is important to observe World Oceans Day in Bangladesh. MJN therefore called upon all concerned to observe the day,

Bangladesh is a riverine country. If the river survives, Bangladesh will survive. If the river dies, Bangladesh will die. The sea has a deep connection with the river. If the sea is kept beautiful and pollution free, the rivers of the country will survive. On the other hand, Bangladesh is a coastal country.

It has a huge sea border. There is a huge potential for the Blue Economy centering the Bay of Bengal. The Blue Ocean Economy will be the main force of the economy of Bangladesh in the coming days. MJN believes that there is a need to form a separate ministry for the maritime in order to harness the potentials, create skilled manpower to harness the vast resources in the sea, take effective measures to prevent marine pollution and manage the overall maritime affairs properly. The MJN called upon the government to take immediate initiative in this regard.

World Oceans Day is observed annually on June 8. The day was introduced in 1992 at the Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro of Brazil. The day was observed for the first time that year. The day was officially recognised by the United Nations in 2008.

This year the theme of the day is ‘Revitalization: collective action for the ocean’. The theme was taken in a bid to create a new balance with the sea through collection action. This will restore the vitality of the seas and oceans and bring new life. So, this theme is adopted to create an urge to work together to protect the sea and to revitalize it.