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Save Our Sea arranges National Beach Cleanup Programme-2020 at Cox’s Bazar

Save Our Sea arranges National Beach Cleanup Programme-2020 at Cox’s Bazar

With a view to accelerating the message of marine conservation to all people of Bangladesh Save Our Sea, the only lone marine conservation organization in Bangladesh, and the Ministry of Civil Aviation and Tourism organized jointly National Beach Cleanup Programme-2020 at labony beach point of Cox’s Bazar on 25th February 2020.

The Daily Vorer kagoj, DBC News TV, and Jagonews24.com were the media partner. Marine Journalists Network (MJN) was the associate partner of the program.
`Former Vice-Chancellor of the University of Dhaka, Professor AAMS Arefin Siddique spoke as a chief guest, and The Chairman of DBC news TV, Editor of The Daily Bangladesh Observer, and former adviser to Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, Iqbal Sobhan Chowdhury presided over the program.

Chairman, Department of Environmental Science, Stamford University Bangladesh & Founder Director of Center for Atmospheric Pollution Studies (CAPS) Prof. Dr. Ahmad Kamruzzaman Majumder, Managing Director of Virtuoso Research and Consultancy Firm and Blue economy expert Dr. Dilruba Chawdhury, Head of News of Independent Television Mamun Abdullah, Dhaka Metropolitan South Volunteer League General Secretary Tarek Sayeed, Cox’s Bazar District Development Authority Secretary Abu Zafar Rashid, Chairman of Bangladesh Tourism Foundation Mokhlesur Rahman, Director of Save our Sea and ocean explorer SM Atiqur Rahman, Tour Operators Association of Cox’s Bazar (TOAC) President Tofail Ahmed and Bangladesh Tourism Explorers’ Association (BTEA) Chairman Shahidul Islam Sagor attended as special guests.
Muhammad Anowarul Hoque, Secretary-General of Save Our Sea, gave a welcome speech at the program.

Former Vice-Chancellor of the University of Dhaka, Professor AAMS Arefin Siddique said Bangladesh will be developed with 2041 using ocean resources where researchers have to play a vital role to make the triumph of sea meaningful.

“Bangladesh has the right to fish and explore resources within 118,813 square kilometers and the sovereign rights to a full 200 nautical miles exclusive economic zone in the Bay of Bengal by defeating its bigger neighbor, India and Myanmar through international court, he added.

‘Miami Beach of Florida is one of the world’s popular sea beaches. Many tourists come from different part of the world. Cinema shooting takes place at the place also. But that beach is nothing compared to our Cox’s Beach. This is only because of our sea management and planning problems’, Arefin added.

Many unauthorized establishments have been built close to the sea beach that making an uncomfortable situation. There should be a limitation of illegal structure for the sake of ecotourism, he said.

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The former vice-chancellor of Dhaka University said that we live in a world. If the pollution in the sea or in the air takes place in Pakistan or India, Bangladesh will also be affected. Nature does not mean border.  As a result, we need to be aware of it. So take necessary steps in this regard. We need to start an ocean literacy campaign.

SM Atiqur Rahman, Director of Save Sea said, “The tourists waste goes directly into the sea that disrupting the process of photosynthesis system of sea animals. It wastes sea resources.

Tourism Expert Tourism Foundation Chairman Mokhlesur Rahman said every beach of Bangladesh is the property of every country in the world after announcing a place as a tourist center. As a result, we have to be aware not to harm any beach area.

Ocean economy researcher Dr. Dilruba Chawdhury said that the blue economy adds five to six trillion dollars to the main economy in the world. In our country, many sectors have been involved with tourism. We can increase our GDP contribution by the ocean economy.

Mamun Abdullah, Head of Independent Television said that we have the longest beach in the world, can’t we use it? I find no longer the Cox’s Bazar that I saw 25 years ago.
Speaking on the occasion, Dhaka Metropolitan South Volunteer League General Secretary Tarek Sayeed said that Prime Minister Sheik Hasina dreams a lot about our sea, you have to dream like that. We have to play a role in moving the country forward.
At the end of the program, Save Our Sea took part in the beach cleaning campaign with the guests.

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Besides the beach cleaning program, Save Our Sea arranged a workshop on “Coastal Environment and Eco Tourism-2020, at Fish World, Cox’s Bazar on 24th February 2020. Muhammad Anowarul Hoque, Secretary-General, Save Our Sea, ASM Jahir Uddin Akon, Director, wildlife crime control unit, Department of Forest, Mohammed Solaiman Haider, Director (Planning), Dept. of Environment,  Mokhlesur Rahman, Chairman, Tourism Foundation, Rafiqul Islam Mantu, Coastal Journalist, Mahmud Sohel, President of Marine Journalist Network, Shohidul Islam Sagor, President, Bangladesh Tourism Explorer Association-BTEA, Messbaul Alam, CEO, speed holidays,  Mohammad Nasimul Islam Nasim, MD & CEO, Branding Bangladesh Bazar and Mohammad Shafiqul Islam, Managing Director of Radiant Fish world spoke at the program.

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On 25th February evening save our sea arranges a view exchange program with Journalists and Bangladesh Tourism Explorers Association (BTEA) and an honors ceremony at Hotel Galaxy Resort Limited.

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