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Blue Economy: Prospects & Challenges

1. Coastal development project continue: lack of proper steps to reduce its impact on ecosystem conservation around its dev project
2. Pollution:
(A) Natural: unavailable mangroves at the river mouth to arrest sediment
(B) Manmade: Waste management of non biodegradable goods like plastic, city polluted water, water transport oil etc
3. Coastal Biodiversity:
A. Meeting & breeding safe area for fish and other animals
B. Electric shot fishing
C. Safe zone for sea bird
D. Illegal fishing & net size
4. Not yet complete of Maritime law formation
5. Invisible activates of Blue economy cell
6. Shortage of manpower & equipment
7. Underwater resource identification not yet to start
8. ECA & MPA not to implement properly
9. Output of ocean related institutes
10.Lack of ocean businesses involvement
11. Newly objection of India at UN on resolved maritime boundary
12. Lack complain receive system